We are TNT Games
The creators of PubCrawl

Even though everything started as a dream, at home, it is now time to get official. That also means that we have the opportunity to do it well, and do it our way right off the start. We want everything to be made locally and/or in-house. We are committing to giving you the best experience and the best value with our products.

Enter our Universe

We take you on an adventure through the universe of PubCrawl, reviving memories of younger years and reliving the excitement and anticipation of our first night out. From the moment you hear that your ‘’crush’’ is going out, to the very end of the night, journey through six unique chapters. It all begins casually at home, but soon you find yourself surrounded by your friends, travelling to the city, enjoying the nightlife and hoping for the best. Each space is designed to fit the theme of its chapter, creating a storyline through out the game that you can follow and relate to.

Independant Game company

TNT Games is a new boardgame company, based in the province of Québec, Canada. Our goal is to manufacture every game locally and with the best quality.

It's only the beginning
More games to come

Determined to offer you the best games on the market, we are constantly working on new ideas! We will keep you informed on our new projects as they happen.

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